We bring together heart-centred community members with socially & environmentally conscious local business owners to find innovative ways to spark connections, collaborate & build strong relationships, so TOGETHER we can establish mutually beneficial partnerships, tackle challenges we face along the way, and ultimately help the local economy thrive through our CanMore CommUnity Currency: TOGETHER$

Mission & Vision

We believe in the world where value is rooted in human potential rather than just monetary price tag.

Our commitment is to support local economy through the CanMore CommUnity Currency.

Our members are compensated not only for the products or services they offer but also for the skills, time or simply just acts of kindness.


Whew! Opening a new physical location surely came with tons of news & exciting opportunities!  Our team is working around the clock to build a brand new website where you’ll be able to find all the info about our Office & Event Space, Membership Groups and CanMore CommUnity Currency.

You can look forward to the convenience of new online booking system for the CommUnity Hub Office and Events, as well as the Local CanMore online store! Meanwhile…sign up for our newsletter + follow us on social media to be the first one to know all the updates.

To become one of our Founding Members! Get notified when our brand new ‘TOGETHER$’ app goes live, and inquire about receiving exclusive benefits only available to the first 50 members!

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