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Unique Experiences in Collaborative Spaces & Transformable Venues

Shared office and event spaces + customizable venues, where productivity meets unforgettable memories. Experience community events, plan weddings or company meetings. Create, Connect, Collaborate.


Our warm and inviting event spaces are unique, boutique venues where you can enjoy both public CommUnity Events organized under the umbrella of CanMore Together (we do most of the planning for you), you can rent one of our Collaborative Spaces OR Private Venues that are perfect for an occasion of your own imagination.

Private Venues

Unique memorable experiences

Looking for the perfect spot to host a surprise birthday, elopement party, workshop, retreat, company wide conference, team building event or year-end party? We have multiple locations where groups can connect, create, and celebrate.

Collaborative Spaces

Sharing transformable spaces

With coworking spaces, AirBnB, or Uber – we’ve really got the hang of this sharing economy thing – high five! The future of collaborative consumption is here. Check out our options to share spaces & resources – your bank account and mother earth say thanks.  

CommUnity Events

Bringing people together

Our CommUnity Events are open to the public, on a drop-in or membership basis. From Movie Nights, to SkillShare Workshops, Entrepreneurship Groups or Outdoor Bootcamps – there’s something for everyone! See what’s coming up or apply to Share YOUR Gift.

Where the MAGIC happens.

All of our spaces are conveniently located in downtown Canmore or Banff. The light and airy environment that’s cozy-yet-professional is suitable for all sorts of uplifting experiences, from corporate team building to wedding par-tay.  Whether you want to join one of our business masterminds or meditation classes, share the legacy of your grandma’s secret jam recipe or host a surprise karaoke party for your BFF, we are here to help make any event unforgettable!

Local + Community

Little drops of WATER create mighty OCEAN.


The Community Hub isn’t special just because it’s decked out in dreamy hygge office decor and is the sweetest central location in town –  but simply put, it’s an intentional community. Sure, we’re all doing some awesome things individually but our sum is so much greater than each of our little parts

Unexpected collabs, finding indirect solutions to issues like affordability and welcoming newcomers, investing in ourselves through continuous learning…all that because we believe that when your goals support someone else’s and vice-versa – it’s a *magical* synergy that happens only through connecting with other humans. Period.


Join our growing online community to access our membership groups, recordings of past events, see who’s who, what’s coming up, and last but not least try on your own content creator hat by offering a course of your own creation through our online platform.

Where your PASSION is your CURRENCY.

CanMore CommUnity Currency

Together$ (aka Together Dollars) is a complementary currency  with a value system rooted in human connection and intertwined-ed-ness.

With our CanMore CommUnity Currency, we are not replacing money but adding innovative ways to address challenges in our community and local economy like affordability, housing shortage and accessibility.


Latest Offers…


Sam Roycroft

Graphic Design

Jason Brown

Therapeutic Massage

Lucie Darshan

Plant Hanger

Amarra Creations

Paddleboard Lesson

Jay Kilgannon

Car Wash Credit

Dirty Dog Car Wash

Crossfit Punch Card

CrossFit Canmore

Asian Cooking Lesson

Yuka Ozawa


Frankie D’s Donuts

Content Creation

Petra Hronova

WildHeart Punch Pass

WildHeart Canmore

Lovely Icecream

Alexis McKeown

Giving & receiving are TWO SIDES of the SAME COIN.

Local Business Collective

Local CanMore is a collective of locally-owned, sustainable, and community-focused businesses who contribute to a thriving and resilient local economy.

When you buy something with a Local CanMore seal of approval, feel good knowing your dollars are in alignment with your values and you’re supporting someone in your own neighbourhood.

Let LOCALS do a happy dance.

Amarra Creations

Macrame pieces created with passion & dedication. From Chile to Canada.

Drop Caramel Co.

Handcrafted character, scrumptious taste. Caramel Sauce made not to last.

Feeling Allyve

Tote-ally awesome reusable bags & thought provoking apparel

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