Barter Spa

Deluxe treatments can be so expensive, especially without health insurance. Don’t let that stop you from the relaxation you deserve.

At CanMore Together we value beauty, calm, your TIME, work-life “balance”, CommUnity and unconventional solutions to common problems. That’s why we want to offer everyone the opportunity to receive the treatment they desire, by paying for it with their own skill, talent, or service. (Soon, you’ll even be able to pay with our CommUnity Currency: TOGETHER$)

CanMore Massage

Come recharge after outdoor activities and enhance your vacation experience with the benefits of therapeutic massages in the heart of downtown Canmore, whether you’re a long-time local or just visiting for the weekend — we got your back!

$50/30 mins
$90/60 mins
$140/90 mins

CanMore Together

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