CoWork: Membership

$450/Floating Desk
$600/Dedicated Desk
$900/Private Office


CoWork: Membership

$450/Floating Desk
$600/Dedicated Desk
$900/Private Office

This option is for you if you plan to utilize our office space more than two weeks a month (check math). Choose from a floating or dedicated desk, or rent one of our private offices. Spaces are limited – inquire today.

The consistency of a dedicated workspace that you’ve prepaid for might be just what you need to maximize your productivity and keep you #accountable – without the enormous cost and hassle of finding your own office space to rent. We have a few different options for our monthly memberships.

Our monthly memberships will give you the opportunity to connect and collaborate with others on a regular basis whilst providing a perfect place to focus and get your work done. Spaces are limited.


Other Options

Bear Den

$140/Half Day
$260/Full Day

Skyview Lounge

$180/Half Day
$340/Full Day

Huddle Room

$90/Half Day
$170/Full Day

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