Event Space

Our warm and inviting event spaces are unique, boutique venues where you can enjoy both public CommUnity Events organized under the umbrella of CanMore Together (we do most of the planning for you), you can rent one of our Collaborative Spaces OR Private Venues that are perfect for an occasion of your own imagination.

WE CanMore

WE CanMore is our group for Women Entrepreneurs that meet weekly (currently Mondays) at CanMore Together. WE are made up of aspiring and established local business owners who get together for regular activities that foster collaboration, connection, and a growth mindset.


Share Your Gift

There’s magic in learning with and from each other which is why we love hosting skill-sharing workshops. Join us for an opportunity to showcase your talent and expertise in a way that shares your culture, traditions, and uniqueness.


Feel YourSelf

Get your heart pumping at the next Feel YourSelf class, and leave with some new moves to try at home too. Held at our transformative Studio Flex, all levels of fitness are welcome. We offer weekly sessions – always something different.


Radical WellBeing

Because secretly we all know health is our greatest wealth. Radical WellBeing will support you while you step into a slightly counter cultural mindset (especially amongst the #grind entrepreneurial culture), in which your WellBeing comes first and foremost.


Digital Detox

Get ready for a rollercoaster of friendship, laughter, and moments that will leave you with stories for a lifetime! Join us as we create tech-free moments that’ll make you snort with laughter, and build a (real-life!) community that’s as inspiring as it is ridiculously fun.


MindFully You

Have you always wanted to start meditating but your mind “never stops”? Downloaded every app already? Felt the pull to try all the things?? Be it Reiki or a Pranayam session – this class is a one-stop shop for reaching your own elusive zen.


Impact Lab

Inspiring local entrepreneurs by your side for an extra dose of motivation. The proof is in the pudding (and in our case, the salad). The data shows that people thrive in coworking spaces and accomplish more than in a regular office.


Get Outside

If you’re into sunrise breakfasts, exploring off-the-beaten-path biking trails, extreme hammocking, learning wilderness survival skills or adopting new paddle boarding tricks then you’ve landed in the right place. No experience necessary.


Building Bridges

Small businesses are the heart of our local economy. We’re the place for them to network and strengthen the “Collaboration over Competition” mindset by bringing like-minded folks into one room to connect, brainstorm and collaborate. Did we mention coffee & snacks?!


Movie Night

Struggling to pick your next Netflix binge #decision fatigue? Looking for a fun date-night but wish you didn’t have to drive to Banff for dinner and a movie? If you’re a movie lover (who isn’t?) let us offer you a local cinematic experience to remember.


Music Heals

Attention all musicians, music lovers, and appreciators – Join us for a monthly Music Night at the CommUnity Hub! You can look forward to Karaoke, open mic nights, community jam sessions, album releases, and small local concerts.


Book’n’Wine Club

Not to brag, but we have the greatest book collection and we’re not afraid to share. Browse, peruse, and borrow a book by John Maxwell, Jay Shetty, Marie Forleo, Brene Brown, Eric Ries, Danielle LaPorte, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, and so many more……


Bunny Den

Guess what Mommas and Poppas?! We’ve gone and set up a kids corner at CoWork CanMore. With crafts & games to keep the little ones happy and occupied, feel free to hammer out some things on the laptop, chat with a friend, or join in the crafternoon. Whatever works for you! Suitable for ages 3+.


Healer’s Haven

If you’re a practitioner of any sort you probably understand what it means to hold space for someone, literally and metaphorically. The energy of the location can be of utmost importance in setting the tone for your particular practice.

$140/Half Day
$270/Full Day

Adventure Gem

Safe to say, we are already the adventure hub of Western Canada but we want to take convenience, collaboration, and straight up coolness a step further for our residents and visitors. This is a one stop shop for planning out mountain expeditions and memorable events.

CommUnity Hub

Need to host a photoshoot, quick company meeting, community event, or a wine tasting night to catch up with your friends? We’ve got you covered. We even have a private meeting room that can facilitate break-out discussions and sub-meetings throughout the day.

CoWork Venue

Elevate your work meetings and special occasions at CoWork Venue, our transformable event space, where the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains become your backdrop. Nestled in the heart of downtown Canmore, it’s the perfect getaway to escape the bustling city.

Market Spot

The Market Spot offers a contemporary setting sure to wow your guests, clients, or staff members. Adjacent park and nearby Main Street Canmore combine to create the ideal backdrop for connection, creativity, and celebration.

Mountain Loft

For those who love the beauty of the Canadian Rockies AND also want to be in central Canmore, we have the picture-perfect spot to celebrate, gather, party, retreat, or team build in style. With an artistic and peaceful atmosphere, come create an event to remember.

Studio Flex

Welcome to Studio Flex, where we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness! We’re all about giving you the freedom to make our space work for you, whether you’re looking to join one of our classes or create your own fitness experience.

$179/Half Day
$329/Full Day

Creator’s Cave

Brené Brown said, “Unused creativity is not benign.” That unused creative energy inside of you, can end up being released as nervous energy instead! No thanks! Come use our prime time private lounge-style art & music studio as an outlet for any type of creativity. 

$30/Half Day
$50/Full Day

Musician’s Playground

Reach your fullest potential! With opportunities for children and adults to take classes, or rent the space – there’s ample opportunity for creativity, passion, and fun. Check regularly for upcoming classes and programs, or swing by to see what it’s all about.

$30/Half Day
$50/Full Day

SkillShare Fest

When the community gathers, magic happens. And what better way to gather ‘round than learning and growing together?! Our goal is to reignite the true magic of our community through a full day event of learning, connecting and sharing from the heart.


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