Guest Events

We have a great opportunity for speakers, presenters, teachers, leaders, hosts, musicians, artists, and workshop givers alike. CanMore Together is a cozy, vibe-y, spacious downtown venue to offer YOUR next event or class, with multiple locations.

YES it’s like a rental space, but what’s more is that we’re happy to co-host and help you draw out the details a little to make sure that your event exists of NOT ONLY the superior content (that’s YOU) but also a little bit of the fairy dust (the space, the materials, the vibe, and the event details). How much you’d like to involve us as co-hosts is totally up to you!

Human Connection Celebration

On April 14th, an in-person community event will take place at our CommUnity Hub space in Canmore. It aims to help people who struggle with meeting new people develop self-confidence and connect with others.


CanMore Together

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