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The CommUnity Hub provides a unique office space that features two exciting offers for all your productivity needs!  Our open-concept coworking space includes 8 dedicated work spaces that are perfect for getting down to business on your own or with your best work buddy!  The CommUnity Office Space also has a spacious private meeting room available to rent by the hour or for a full day. Our space is a perfect blend of cozy + professional. No matter if you’re working on bringing your passion project into a full time dream job, writing a new novel, or need a space to interview your newest team member. Just because you work for yourself, doesn’t mean you need to work by yourself! Come join us at the CommUnity Office.

Cowork: Drop-in

If you’re looking to pop in just to clean up a few quick emails or polish off the edits on your latest project, we’ve got you covered!

Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair to pound out some productivity before you get back on your way.

$30/Half Day (4 hours)
$40/Full Day (5-8 hours)

Cowork: Membership

Sometimes the consistency of a dedicated workspace outside of your own house is just what you need to maximize your productivity.

A month-long membership at our coworking space gives you the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other creatives on a daily basis while also providing a perfect place to focus and get your work done!

$450/Floating Desk
$600/Dedicated Desk
$900/Private Office

Cowork: Multiday

Need a space to work out of but not ready to commit to renting a full-time office just yet? Our 5 or 10-day cowork pass might be the perfect in-between option for you! 

This bundle gives you the opportunity to pick and choose when you want to settle into one of our workspaces, enjoy the change of scenery, and interact with our diverse community of different organizations under one roof!

$160/5 Days
$280/10 Days

Meeting Room

If you’re looking for a quick chat with a client or a private space to connect with your partners, book our meeting room for one hour (or a few 1 hour blocks) and get going on your next project!

$70/Half Day (4 hours)
$140/Full Day (5-8 hours)

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