CanMore Massage

$30/20 mins
$90/60 mins
$140/90 mins


CanMore Massage

$30/20 mins
$90/60 mins
$140/90 mins

How nice would it feel to cross “get a massage” off your to-do list at work today? Well at CanMore Together we value beauty, calm, your TIME, work-life “balance”, CommUnity and unconventional solutions to common problems. 

Book yourself in for a quick 20 mins treatment between meetings or a full-on 2 hour healing journey in our cozy, dim, and comfortable private massage room. Escape the busyness of your everyday life and treat yo’ Self for a massage. 

Bonus: As a part of our Barter Spa initiative, you can pay with money OR with your own gift, skill or time. Send some emails, go for a nature walk, grab local treats, get a massage, put it on your Barter Spa tab… yadda yadaa.. that’s just how we roll here!


Other Options

Healer’s Haven

$140/Half Day
$270/Full Day

Studio Flex

$179/Half Day
$329/Full Day

Creator’s Cave

$30/Half Day
$50/Full Day

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