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Perfect place to foster the most creative and productive version of yourself while nurturing priceless connections with others. Take your pick of magical, airy daybed (yeps.. seriously), a casual Adirondack chair (because this is a mountain town after all) or one of our 10 more traditional dedicated desks.

What we do…

  • CREATE: Because everyone is creative

    Perfect place to foster the most creative and productive version of yourself. Start that business…write that book…take that course! Take your pick of magical, airy daybed (yeps.. seriously), a casual Adirondack chair (because this is a mountain town after all) or one of our 10 more traditional dedicated desks and just do it!

  • CONNECT: The purpose and result of meaningful work

    Coworking is a great option if you need to escape your home office, laundry piles, or noisy little munchkins for a change while nurturing priceless connections with others. We’re right Downtown, so while you’re here feel free to pop out for a delicious lunch at a nearby cafe or hit one of the many trails for a recharging nature walk with spectacular mountain views. 

  • COLLABORATE: Together we can do so much

    Current CanMore CoWorkers are always saying how inspired they feel by our cozy-yet-professional vibe, and that they accomplish way more  than they do working from home. Sometimes all you need is a “body double” (someone else nearby) to help you focus and stay on task. Other times your work may overlap and an exciting new collaboration is born!

  • We opened the doors of the Hub in March 2022, because well we needed to get out of the house. It was a long two years prior, wasn’t it? Never before had anyone appreciated having a community SO much.

    Since then there’s been events, meetings, and people coming in to cowork daily. We collaborate, we create, we connect! 

    Ideas were a brewin’, to expand from doing-it-all at one space, to opening a CoWork only studio next door (!!) space became available (umm, coincidence or gift from the gods?!). And lo and behold, in the fall of 2022 CoWork CanMore started the official renos!

    We’re planning to soft launch the space on our biz-birthday on December 13th.

  • You wake up and decide you just don’t wanna spend the whole day at the coffee shop again – so you decide to check out the CoWork CanMore. You’re greeted by a team member who shows you around and sets you up with wifi and a desk by the window. “Wow this is so nice to feel like I’m at an office!” you think.

    COFFEE time. Dang, the coffee is good! You sip on your locally roasted brew as you respond to a few emails and plan out your day. You dip into the “phone booth” for your first zoom meeting of the day, where it’s a bit more private. Then you have a good hour of focused/distraction free work. 

    Time to eat the salad you brought and zip out for a nice walk! After this,you’re uber productive and manage to hammer out a 10 page annual financial report like it’s first grade math. At this point, you think it’s a good idea to stretch your legs. In doing so, you strike up a conversation with another CoWorking member who happens to be an SEO superstar. YES, you need his help! Time to head home a bit early, but you’ll be back tomorrow to make the most of your membership.

    • When will the NEW CoWork side open? We’re not set on the exact day, but if you sign up to our newsletter (bottom of this page) – we’ll be sure to let you know ASAP.
    • Do I need to be “working” on work stuff, or can I come there to study and read? Anyone who is looking for a quiet desk space is welcome here! Be it reading or crocheting a shawl.
    • I’m interested in coworking, but I’m kind of an introvert. Is everyone going to talk to me? Not really! For the most part everyone is left to do their thing, but quiet chatting at the coffee station is a good way to make a new friend.
    • If I pay for a membership at CoWork CanMore, can I use it at Banff CoWork too? Yes absolutely! Our multi-day passes can be used at both locations.

Meeting Spots

Time to level up your team’s surroundings and soak in our calm and inviting meeting spaces that offer both appreciation and inspiration for a job well done.

Huddle Room

Meeting Room – Canmore

Do you need a slick, professional looking boardroom with high-speed internet, a TV with a media unit, and a giant whiteboard for your next meeting of the minds? From every colour of whiteboard marker, post-its and pens, to free-flowing coffee or tea, we have everything you need.

Bear Den

Boardroom – Banff

This is our mid-size boardroom, conveniently located in downtown Banff. It will comfortably accommodate your team of up to 15, and boasts new audio-visual equipment, a Smart TV, a whiteboard, big bright windows, and a view of Cascade Mountain.

Skyview Lounge

Team Suite – Canmore

Cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s – cover your whole agenda in the convenience of a private space. Connect with your team, department or an entire business to work on your next project in our warm and inviting meeting lounge in Downtown Canmore.

Still unsure if we’re a good fit?

Hi Locals! Are you cowork-curious? Wanna see what it’s all about? Need a little boost to your daily grind? Let’s work alongside each other soon! Just show up, because the coffee’s on us too.

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    105, 717 – 9th Street
    Canmore, AB, T1W2A3

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    Monday to Friday 10am-6pm

    *Call to come before/after hours
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