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Fran and Ale, both from Chile, met in Canmore a few years ago. They sparked a connection right away, but it wasn’t until a few months in that they realized their soul connection and how much they both loved crafting. They now try to combine their skills, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to keep learning everyday about art and business. Together they started Amarra Creations, modern home decor made out of macrame.

Every single handmade piece is crafted with dedication and passion. When someone chooses an Amarra Creations piece for their home, office, balcony, or place of business, it’s not just meant to look pretty, but also to spread the vibrations of love, care, and attention with which it was made!

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The mission of Amarra Creations is to inspire a home where you can live a life of joy, comfort and sustainability through their simple minimalistic knots made from recycled fibers. It’s so clear that Fran and Ale pour passion into every single piece they make, and the two friends have declared that the quality they want to bring into people’s lives is equal to the commitment they have to the planet. Cheers to that!

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Amarra Creations envisions success and growth for fellow entrepreneurs in the Bow Valley and is looking forward to partnering with more local businesses. They already buy and promote local artisan products whenever they can, and see immense value in the time and work of others (they know what it takes!).


Their top 3 favs are:

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