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Maude Marsan is originally from Quebec City, and moved to Alberta in 1997 to hike bigger mountains and live an outdoor lifestyle. After a few years moving around between The West Coast and the Bow Valley going from adventure to adventure, she established herself in Canmore in January of 2000 and started working for Parks Canada. Canmore quickly became Maude’s home and base camp for outdoor pursuits and building strong relationships. Her kids were born in Canmore and she feels very anchored to this inspiring community.

As a single mom she was happy to find alternate ways of supporting her family and their participation in local sports organizations. They made a batch, used small mason jars and sold all of them on Facebook Marketplace right away. They were then made aware of the strict health guidelines which need to be followed in order to legally sell food products. Whoops! It turns out you’re not allowed to whip up a batch of something in your own kitchen to sell on Facebook. What followed unexpectedly led her down the road to becoming a full-time business owner. After finding a commercial kitchen though, Covid forced them to consider selling their caramel online. They built a website, eventually got their delicious sauce into some local stores and markets and never looked back. Maude hopes her story will inspire people to follow their dreams and listen to their soul’s inklings no matter how unlikely something may seem.

The Drop Caramel customer is someone who appreciates artisan and locally made products, or wants a “boutique” treat and is happy to spend a few more dollars on a memorable savory experience. It is a unique gift if you want to share a top-notch treat with friends and family, or drizzle your specialty coffee with a caramel that is exceptional in quality. It appeals to a wide demographic because it’s so versatile in its flavour and applications.

The origin of Drop Caramel’s family recipe is a mystery, but it has been in Maude Marsan’s family for generations. Her grandmother made this special treat all the time, but never did it even have time to cool down before people were licking the last drops from their fingers.

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At Drop Caramel, Maude and her team are working hard on extending a reuse program for their syrup bottles and hope to be able to offer this program locally in the future. High five! They favour glass over plastic and are always open and keen to learn about environmentally friendly supplies and procedures. Because their lifestyle is so anchored in nature they’re very sensitive to its value and protection.

When people gift their caramel to a loved one, Maude says it perpetuates their own tradition and feeds her dreams. Hearing someone say, “Your caramel sauce is like childhood in a jar,” is the greatest reward she can get. With each new fan, retailer, or coffee shop the fire to keep going is stoked inside.


Did you know that Drop Caramel offers free delivery throughout the Bow Valley? They actively support and promote community values by marketing their product as the perfect gift. (And we agree! Speaking from experience…it’s always a winner in the tasty gift department.)

Over the years, Maude and her family have been involved with our local Francophone school Notre Dame-des-Monts, the Canmore Skating Club, the Canmore Illusion Gymnastic Club, RMCC, The Canmore Indoor Climbing Club, the Bow Valley Dirtbag Runners, the Bow Valley Trail Culture running club, Five Peaks Adventures, the Alpine Club of Canada and are avid supporters of local plays, shows, festivals and events.

Drop Caramel
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Drop Caramel is excited to be joining with other entrepreneurs through CanMore Together and maintains strong relationships with the shops that carry their product, always collaborating with them for promotion and product development.

To Maude, “supporting local” means to encourage, showcase, promote, and to buy from locally owned or operated businesses. It also means supporting programs, initiatives, and organizations that are part of our community. She believes it’s more than just actions, it’s a lifestyle!

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