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Feeling Allyve

Feeling Allyve is a local apparel company carried in several shops around Canmore and Banff. You may have spotted their tote-ally awesome reusable bags in stores like Stonewaters, and The Pulse at the Malcolm Hotel displaying messages like “our home is on native land” and “everybody has a worthy body” – complete with images of 20 differently shapedderrieres. Yassss!

Feeling Allyve owner and founder Michelle, moved here from Ontario 5 years ago and is also a full time school teacher and yoga instructor in Canmore. She loves to play golf, bake, attend farmer’s markets, paddleboard, play disc golf and spin.

Michelle knows that people want to make a difference but it can be overwhelming and scary, so her goal is to help people get there one small chunk at a time. Just like we say here at CanMore Together, “little drops of water make a mighty ocean” because together we do make a huge difference with our small everyday choices.

After owning another business in the Bow Valley that left her feeling without fulfillment, Michelle knew she needed to do more by creating a business that was based on evoking thought, conversation and change around important topics such as climate change, mental health, body respect and allyship. From there came Feeling Allyve!

Michelle says “to me, business isn’t just about the passion for entrepreneurship, but about the positive impact and influence that can be had on those around you.”

Just by purchasing one of her reusable bags you’re helping the earth, supporting a local business, sending a positive message into the world, and maybe even sparking a conversation with someone who laughs or is touched by the little message you’re carrying around on your arm.


Feeling Allyve donates 5% of its profits to not-for-profit organizations that support the messaging behind their products. At checkout, you will get to choose from a list of organizations and select the one that best aligns with you.

If the purchase was made in store, their donation is evenly distributed between organizations like Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta, Spirit North, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, and jack.org which is all about youth leaders revolutionizing mental health.

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To Michelle, supporting local means taking a personal decision as to whether or not buying a product is feasible for you and also understanding the impact that it will have locally and environmentally. She asks if it is within your means, to please consider buying local!


Michelle’s Top 3 Local Joints:

Canmore: Le fournil, Communitea, The Pulse

Banff: Wild Flour, Wild Flour…and Wild Flour!

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