At CanMore Together we believe that we Can do More Together! 

We bring together heart-centred community members and sustainably-focused local businesses to find innovative ways to spark connections, collaborate & build strong relationships, so together we can establish mutually beneficial partnerships, tackle challenges we face along the way and find creative solutions.


CanMore Together strives to shift the local economy from ME to WE by facilitating meaningful connection within the local community. Our mission is to actively contribute to solving local challenges through community engagement and economic development.

Little drops of WATER create mighty OCEAN.

CommUnity Hub

Transformable space where community members and local businesses come together to learn, create, connect, and collaborate.

This is an open-concept coworking studio with a private meeting room as well as cozy yet professional space available to rent out for private events, fundraisers, and workshops!

Where your PASSION is your CURRENCY.

CanMore CommUnity Currency

The value system of our complementary currency is rooted in our gifts and potential instead of just monetary price tags or economic goals.

With Together$, we are not replacing money but rather adding innovative ways to help solve challenges in our community and local economy such as affordability, inclusivity and accessibility.

When unique TALENT meets LOCAL business.

Local CanMore

Local CanMore is a collaborative network of locally-owned, sustainable, and community-focused businesses who believe in finding innovative solutions resulting in a thriving and resilient local community and economy.

Showcasing the collaborative network of Bow Valley businesses, boosting the uniqueness of our artists and amplifying the voices of our local brands & creators.

CanMore Together

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