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Da Luigi Gourmet is the love child of Luigi and Coni Cofre, an Italian-Chilean couple now residing in Canmore.

Like so many others in 2020, Coni and Luigi found themselves spending a little extra time in the kitchen, bringing new recipes to life. According to Coni, Luigi’s talent for cooking comes from his Italian roots. His grandparents and father came to Chile in middle age and brought with them all the traditions of their Italian family, where good tasting food was a must in every meal. Luigi enjoyed creating new sauces and spreads for Coni’s beloved charcuterie boards, experimenting with a variety of veggies and fruits to keep their meals interesting, but also trying to get closer to what they considered familiar. Jams, jellies and oils in Chile are popular for snack time, breakfast, parties – you name it. At some point, they got uber creative and now have more than 13 flavors to choose from.

This couple found they work well as a team, so while Luigi is in charge of the kitchen, Coni gets to create the labels, keep their social media up to date, and work behind the scenes.

Coni always knew they had to make more professional labels with a better looking kind of jar and found this hexagonal, glass jar from Calgary and started creating the layouts for that size and shape. After reaching out to Yuka at Co+Kitchen they moved from “Homemade Jams” to “Artisan Made Jams.”

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To be environmentally conscious, Luigi and Coni choose recyclable glass containers for their products, with metal lids and paper labels. It’s their hope that their products delight your taste buds, encourage you to be more adventurous in the kitchen, and get you a little in touch with their Chilean culinary roots.


Da Luigi stays connected to the local community through their Facebook and Instagram pages, offering discounts and giveaways to locals – so make sure to follow Da Luigi Gourmet!

In summer, you’ll find them at Canmore Mountain Market and Banff Farmers Market. In the winter they offer their gift at the Christmas Market in Banff.

Pear, Cinnamon & Vanilla
Farmer’s Markets
Papaya, Mint & Ginger
Artisan Jams
Cherry & Almond
Mango & Coffee
Gift Baskets
Onion Jam
Delicious Snacks
Pineapple & Jalapeno
Fall Selection
Chili Oil
Orange & Banana
Lemon & Mint

Da Luigi love supporting other local businesses. They get their mini labels from Angie (check out Craft Room @craftroompy), who lives in Banff!

In Canmore, Rusticana was one of the first stores to bring their jams in, even with labels printed by a home printer they started selling pretty well!
Then, they connected with Nutters, Le Fournil and the Italian Center in Calgary. Canmore museum even has some of their selection under their own branding! Needless to say, their amazing brand is growing.


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